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Support with funds and portfolios

Below you’ll find a wealth of resources, including information on markets, up-to-date fund information, and links to our asset allocation models to help you build and manage your clients' investments.

Fund news/events

Keep up-to-date with fund changes, including name changes, mergers and additions to our fund ranges.

Sentiment Indicator

Get a 12 month outlook on the different indices from a selection of fund managers.

Fund specific growth rates

View the growth rates we use in our illustrations for the different asset classes.

Fund sectors and categories

Find out how we categorise the funds we offer.

Platform cut-off and dealing times

The deadlines you need for sending us your investment, disinvestment and switch requests.

Cash deposit

Interest rates on the cash deposit facility within our ISA/Collective Investment Account.

Risk assessment and discussion

Tools to help you assess and discuss your clients’ attitudes to investment risk.

Strategic asset allocation

Nobody can forecast the future, but by following a strategic approach to asset allocation, you can build portfolios that have a greater probability of matching your clients’ expectations.

Quarterly asset allocations reviews

The latest changes to the model asset allocations we use for our tools and for selected funds/portfolios.

Key Information Documents and Key Investor Information Documents

Discover more about KIDs and KIIDs, what the difference is, and when you need to provide them to your clients.

Financial Adviser Verification