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With the FCA placing a lot of focus over the last few years on assessing suitability and what this means for your clients’ investments we’ve refined our investment advice process to help.

Every client is different and has different needs and budgets, and making sure you can match their needs with an appropriate investment solution is the next step of the process. This suitability step is crucial in enabling you to make the right investment choice for different clients or different segments of clients who might have similar attitudes and preferences. 

Assessing suitability

When assessing suitability, your investment recommendation must take into account not only your client’s attitude to risk/loss, timescales and need for access to capital, but also a range of other factors including their:

  • attitude to cost
  • need for investment breadth
  • investment knowledge and experience
  • need for involvement in investment decisions
  • need for reviews.

Download the advice process template

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