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Fund selection

Selecting funds and building portfolios can be a time consuming and demanding process.

Effective portfolio construction involves understanding a client’s investment goals along with their attitude to risk then choosing the appropriate investments to match. You also need to regularly review the selection to ensure that the portfolio continues to reflect how these needs can be met in changing market conditions. All this requires access to the right investment solutions, with the flexibility to refine the investment choices as the needs of the client change.

With Old Mutual Wealth, you have a choice when it comes to fund selection and portfolio construction. You can choose to either use funds from the range of around 60 funds within our WealthSelect solution with the option to outsource portfolio construction by selecting our Managed Portfolio Service, or select funds and build your own portfolios from the funds available within funds in our SelfSelect range.

Old Mutual Wealth’s WealthSelect fund range offers advisers an alternative when looking to outsource all or part of the fund selection process. With Old Mutual Wealth you are able , to draw on Old Mutual Global Investors’ specialist investment research skills to take responsibility for selecting the best managers in each asset class and either retaining asset allocation control or matching it with Old Mutual Wealth risk levels.

The Old Mutual Wealth's SelfSelect fund range offers a choice of over 1200, funds from over 70 leading fund managers to build bespoke or pre-defined portfolios, including funds from our sister company Old Mutual Global Investors.

If you choose to build your clients’ portfolios, Old Mutual Wealth’s portfolio planning tools are designed to help you to make robust and appropriate fund recommendations. For example, you may want to set filters such as third party fund ratings, fund performance or fund manager tenure in order to narrow down your fund research.

Our goal is to give you flexibility in the way you match the investment choices you make against the needs of your clients. The solutions provided by Old Mutual Wealth offer you the range of strategies to either – build bespoke portfolios or to outsource this to Old Mutual Wealth.

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