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Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
Schroder UK Absolute Target Investment objective and policy change Old Mutual Wealth's platform 01 Apr 2015
Current Investment Objective and Policy

To achieve absolute returns through targeted investment strategies independent of UK market conditions or indices.

The ACD will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing predominantly in companies incorporated in the UK or in companies which derive a significant proportion of their revenues or profits from this country or which are primarily operating in this jurisdiction. Investments will be made predominantly in the equities of large or mid-sized companies and other equity related transferable securities, such as preferred shares, debentures, warrants (not exceeding 5% of the total assets of the fund) and convertible securities or in derivatives thereof.

New Investment Objective and Policy

To achieve positive returns (greater than zero) over a rolling three-year period in all market conditions by investing in European equities.

The Fund seeks to take advantage of investment opportunities created by the fluctuations in economic activity in the European market. It will invest directly, or indirectly through derivatives, in the equities of large and medium sized companies that are headquartered in Europe or who have material or critical operations within, or derive a significant proportion of their revenue from, Europe.

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