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Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
Aberdeen Managed Distribution fund Objective change Old Mutual Wealth's platform and Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited 01 Sep 2016
Current Investment Objective

To achieve both capital growth and an attractive level of income from a diversified portfolio. The Fund may invest in transferable securities and may also hold units in collective investment schemes (in particular, schemes managed by the Investment Advisor), money market instruments, warrants, derivatives and forward transactions, cash and near cash deposits.

New Investment Objective

To provide income combined with long term capital growth by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of assets. The majority of the Fund will be exposed to Equity and Equity-Related securities, Investment grade and sub-investment grade Debt and debt-related securities issued by governments, government-related bodies, and corporations.

Please note: this fund will also be changing name to Aberdeen Diversified Income.

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