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Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
Skandia Deposit Fund Objective change Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited 09 Mar 2012
Old objective

To provide a return, before charges and taxation, equivalent to the Sterling three month money market rates. It invests in a portfolio of deposits held in high quality approved credit institutions and in approved securities.

New objective

To maximise current income consistent with preservation of principal and liquidity by the maintenance of a portfolio of high quality short-term money market instruments. These types of securities, instruments and obligations may be issued by both UK and non-UK issuers, but shall be denominated in sterling. The return and/or the value of the fund may fluctuate with changes in interest rates and there is a possibility of default of underlying assets and reducing capital values.

Please note: the TER will be increasing from 0.00% to 0.10% in line with the new Skandia Deposit Fund.

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