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Guaranteed Pension Fund
(wound up on 29 November 2013)

Wind up of the Guaranteed Pension Fund
Effective date: 29 November 2013


Following the decision by the Directors of Old Mutual Wealth to enhance benefits and wind up the Old Mutual Wealth Guaranteed Pension Fund (the ‘GPF’), investors and their financial advisers received letters from Old Mutual Wealth at the end of October 2013 which provided full details and explained how the wind-up of the fund would be managed.  

The fund was wound up on 29 November 2013 after a special bonus of 25% was added to each investor's policy.  

Subsequently, investors and their financial advisers received details of the Special Bonus that was added to their GPF investment. Investors also received a separate notification of the revised investment holdings within their plan following the total value of their GPF investment, including the Special Bonus, being switched to either the pre-selected choice of funds, or to the alternative they requested. 

The pre-selected choice of funds

Please click on the fund name to access factsheets for the pre-selected choice of funds:

Alternative funds

Investors wishing to select alternative funds to the pre-selected choice of funds can visit our
fund information pages to access further information on the funds available. By following this link you can access investment performance and factsheets on all available Old Mutual Wealth funds by using the following process:

  • Click on ‘View our fund prices,performance, factsheets and KIIDs'
  • Under Company/ Product- click on Old Mutual Wealth
  • On Fund Type- click on Pensions Initial Price
  • From this you can then choose to review all available funds by selecting all sectors in the Sector drop down box and ‘All Old Mutual Wealth categories’ in the Fund category box.
  • If you wish to review funds of a particular fund manager then select the fund manager from the drop down box Fund Manager
  • If you wish to review the available funds in a particular sector of the market then select the relevant sector from the Sector drop down box
  • From selecting the fund or funds the click on ‘ Get performance and factsheet tab. This will provide you with access to the fund or fund range that you are looking for which you can review and access a PDF of the required fund details.

Question and Answer Document

Q&A – This was provided with the letter to investors and provides more detail about how the wind up of the Guaranteed Pension Fund will be implemented and how the enhanced benefits from the Guaranteed Pension Fund will be invested in other funds within the investor’s Old Mutual Wealth pension plan.

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