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Investment platforms

Investment platforms are increasingly leading the way as the preferred choice for managing a client’s investments.

According to an Old Mutual Wealth survey of 200 financial advisers in June 2010, more than two thirds said they are more likely to recommend a platform over the next 12 months than in previous years.

Putting the customer first

Financial advisers and providers alike are clear on the need to focus upon the needs of the end customer and build trust in the industry. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has also stressed the importance of consumers becoming more engaged with their finances.

All this adds up to the need for a simple, transparent and client-centric proposition, and a clear charging structure.

Investment consolidation

A clear way for investors to gain more control over their finances is through consolidation. The easiest and best way to consolidate is through an investment platform.

Platforms have traditionally been used for consolidating pensions into one place; convenient for people who have moved jobs a number of times, acquiring a number of different pension schemes. Now platforms enable investors to consolidate ISAs, bonds and collective investments, giving them a single view of their portfolio and far greater control over how it’s managed.

The benefits of a platform

Platforms provide modern, flexible solutions built around your clients’ goals and risk profile. Online platform tools help you to accurately determine your client’s attitude to risk, build a suitable portfolio to match this risk, and monitor that portfolio over time to provide them with regular reports.

From the client’s point of view, a platform also significantly reduces paperwork, eliminating the seemingly endless correspondence to and from a range of different fund managers and providers.

Retail Distribution Review

Along with consumer demand, the regulator’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR) will accelerate change towards fee-based advice models. This evolution increasingly demands one simple proposition for customers.

Investment platforms need to develop in line with the changing advice industry, so that they continue to meet customer and adviser demands now, as well as being a high quality RDR-ready proposition for the future.

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