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Investing with us

Some companies are set up to sell their products to you online. Our policy is different. We believe that your chances of achieving your goals are increased by establishing a long-term, three-way relationship with us and with the financial adviser of your choice.

We provide a fresh approach to investing. One that enables you and your financial adviser to discuss your needs, assess and agree your attitude to risk and then build and maintain an investment portfolio to match.

It’s what we call investing the Old Mutual Wealth way.View our guide to investing with us here.

Investing – reducing the uncertainty

Picking off-the-shelf investment ‘products’ and then leaving them alone in the hope that they perform is no longer the way to plan for your future. Investing the Old Mutual Wealth way means reducing that uncertainty.

Our way of working puts you and your financial adviserFinancial adviser Individual who gives advice about all aspects of finance. Financial advisers can advise and sell products for a range of insurance companies and investment companies. in control. It means applying well-proven methods to assess what investments and funds are the most appropriate for your needs. And it enables you to monitor, change and rebalance your investments over time to maintain optimum performance as the economic climate changes.

Investing – a step by step approach

One of the benefits of investing the Old Mutual Wealth way is that you can hold, monitor and manage all your fund-based investments in a single place – known as a ‘platform’. 

Find out more about our platform and about the steps involved in the process of building a platform-based portfolio including:

  • What is Old Mutual Wealth's platform and what products are available?
  • What is your attitude to investment risk? Find out how it can be measured.
  • How can you build an investment portfolio that matches your risk profile?
  • How do you review and adapt your investments as your needs change?